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Live from Breakfast of Champions 2013
March 15, 2013 09:36 PM PDT
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It was another great year at Breakfast of Champions and as I was hanging out on the side of the stage, someone asked me what kind of music I was going to play. I told them that it was something special I had been saving up. Truth is, as the months go by during the year I slowly build up a collection of tracks that (for me) could only be played together at BOC. The combination of the sunshine and good vibes, set the stage for these tracks to be played. At most other parties, it just wouldn't work. This years set is a mix of classic house grooves and a whole lot of disco funkiness. Thanks for all of the old-schoolers and baby-towners in the front rows that came out to celebrate another year with me and the Space Cowboys. You all know who you are...you make that dance floor a much better place to be. Happy New Year and enjoy!

Belocca - Back To The Old School
Hazzaro - I Wish You Were Here
DJ Dan & DJ Mes - M.T.Y.S.
Fatboy Slim and Analog People In A Digital World - Everybody Loves A Carnival (The Cube Guys & Analog People In A Digital World Remix)
B-Sensual and No!end - Get Away
Antoine Cortez and Bartouze - Holy Funk (B-Side Mix)
Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy (Raul Rincon Remix)
Hazzaro - Get Down
WhiteNoize - Insecure
Jay Vegas - Rock Tha Disco
DJ Dan - Fist Pump Broken
Sami Saari - Trump It
Chocolate Puma - For Your Love 2011

Live from Ghostship IV: The Afterlife
April 09, 2012 02:06 PM PDT
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Each Halloween I am continually impressed with the amazing energy and time that comes together to pull off the annual Ghostship event. This year was of course no exception. I was able to show up early with good friends to enjoy all of the artwork and give praise and thanks to everyone who worked so hard to plan the party. Had a super fun time rocking out to Trav and Murphstars sets before taking the Ghostship stage. After a few beers I will be honest that I kinda thought that the stage was moving when people starting swinging that giant pirate ship back and forth behind me. Thanks to everyone that rocked out and made another year at Ghostship a super awesome one. p.s. Big ups to the other DJ Lance Rocks who came up to take pictures with me and to the fire marshall who was naive enough to think that I was the only DJ at the party. DJ Space Cowboy strikes again.

Marko Lys - Turn Me on
Audio Jacker - Dance Dance Dance
Gary Caos - Sometimes
Mike Newman - Lady
Crazibiza - Eastchester
Olav Basoski & Gregor Salto - Can't Top The Dutch
Luthier Magnum - Opus
Serial Thrilla - Freak This How
Chris Lake & Marco Lys - Running Out
Muzzaik - Feelin (Crazibiza Remix)
Plastic Funk - Together (Federico Scavo Remix)
Garrett Ojelay - Got Philly Funk (Audio Jacker Remix)
LYS - Few Things

Live from Yuri's Night - April 2011
April 20, 2011 12:00 AM PDT
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Being a father of 2 young kids, there are lots of places that I associate with being the go-to “kid friendly” places to visit in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Academy of Sciences is definitely one of those spots. As a result, we often miss out on really getting to enjoy the museum as we are chasing out kids past all of the interesting stuff. So the Thursday night Nightlife event has been an excellent way us to enjoy the museum. Combining the event with Yuri’s Night made for a really fun night with lots of smiling faces. For my set inside of the museum I stuck to a basic recipe of booty shakin’ funky disco house. Hope you enjoy!

Cassius – 99 (Tim Green Remix)
Ruben Alvarez & Rober Gaez – It’s Just Begun
Jesse Perez - Carol City Susy
LYS - Few Things
Patrick Wayne - Give It To Me
Olav Basoski – Musica
Basement Jaxx - Flylife (Dan Castro's Back To Eivissa Re-Work)
Tim Anderson - Micro Dreams
Serial Thrilla - This Feeling
NDKj - Nobody Can Do This (Olav Basoski Remix)
Crazibiza - My Lips
Uffie ADD SUV feat Pharrell Williams Armand Van Helden Vocal Remix
Phil Fuldner - Miami Pop 2010

Breakfast of Champions 2011 (Live Set)
March 16, 2011 07:58 PM PDT
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Breakfast of Champions continues to be my favorite event of the year. Despite all of the wet weather and long lines, a swarm of smiling faces always turns out to enjoy this New Years day tradition. This year was no exception. With the biggest turnout and largest covered outdoor stage to date, BOC 2011 has one of the best yet. Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the fun and rock out on the dance floor with me!

For this BOC set, I wanted to combine some newer funky disco house tracks with a few vinyl classics from the Brad Robinson archive. The set kicks off with a 1993 Bjork remix that I only play on special occasions. I also mixed in a classic Sagat track from 1994 remixed by none other than Armand Van Helden.


Track Listing:
Bjork - Big Time Sensuality (Justin Robertson Lionrock Wigout 1993 Mix)
Dr. Kucho - It Must Be Love
Andy Gramm & Victor Kraay - What
Patrick Wayne - Give it to Me
Crazibiza - My Lips
Jesse Perez - Carol City Susy
Mone - Love Don't Pay the Rent (The Jinks Work Shy Dub)
Phil Fuldner - Miami Pop 2010
Sagat - Luvstuff (Armand Van Helden 1994 Ghetto Mix)
Dr. Kucho - Kung Fu Funk
Serial Thrilla - This Feeling
Cary Caos - My Love is Free 2010 (Lazy Rich's Filtered Workout)

Live from Rhythm Society ANDC - March 2010
April 03, 2010 03:32 PM PDT
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It has been more than 10 years since I attended and played at my first Rhythm Society ANDC event. The venues have changed over the years, but the vibe still stays true. RS is and always has been an amazing collective and it was an honor to share my music for another one of their events. This mix has got a bit of new stuff with some classic tracks mixed in from years ago. It was a quick crowd pleaser and I hope that you will enjoy it now on your iPOD. Track listing is below:

Freaks - Boiling Point (Derrick Carters Juke Joint)
Phil Fuldner - Miami Pop 2010
Audio Jacker - Feel The Panic
LYS - Few Things
Jerry Ropero & Denis The Menace - Coracao (Jerry Ropero & Denis The Menace Mix)
Disco Junkie - Another Phatt Track (Dub Mix)
Double S - No Way Out (Club Mix)
Voodoo Chilli - Love Songs
Audio Jacker - Upside Down
Northboundhouse - I Want You
Totally Random feat Marcus Valentine - That Feeling (Mass Motion Rmx)
Antoine Clamaran - Decadence (Radio Edit)
Paul Gardner - You Can't Hide From Yourself (Original Phat Club Mix)
DJ Delicious & Till West - NYPD
Jesse Perez - Hoochie Mama
Hardy Hard & Mr. X & Lady Waks & HardWaks - Records Back (Electrixx Remix)
Hatrias & DJ Dan - Baked From Scratch (Vocal Mix)
Hatrias - Spaced Invader (Hatrias 2010 Vocal Mix)

Snowfest - Squaw Vallery March 2010 - Live Set
March 22, 2010 03:58 PM PDT
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It was another fabulous year at Snowfest for the Space Cowboys. The Mog was entertaining the masses atthe bottom of the hill, the kooshes were out in full force, and baby June got to play in the snow for the first time.

This set is from the Friday night party at the Squaw Plaza Bar. It was an interesting mix of locals and our fans. Aside from a few yahoos that were looking for trouble, it is was a rocking evening for all. Set list is below for your reference. Enjoy!!!

Disco Junkie - Disco Shit
Double S - No Way Out (Club Mix)
Audio Jackier - Upside Down
Hirshee - Deep Under (Dirty Freek Remix)
The Black Project feat. Simoli Black - Off the Wall
Armand Van Helden & A-Trak - Anyway (Club Mix)
Audio Jacker - Pull Ya G String Down South
Reboot - Enjoy Music (Riva Starr Dub)
Northboundhouse - I Want You
Libex & LRM - Liftered
Disco Junkie - Stomp Yo Feet
Starkillers - Cantina

Breakfast of Champions 2010 (Live Set)
January 05, 2010 07:41 PM PST
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This years Breakfast of Champions was an epic 10 year anniversary to a party that begin as a simple gathering of friends in 2000. We celebrated with a new venue, Kelly's Mission Rock, which was a great space for this daytime party despite the bathroom issues. I had a great time rocking out with our Space Cowboy friends and family. I wanted my set to include some new tracks with a mix of some of the great classic house records that I enjoyed playing over the past 10 years of BOC. Thanks for everyone who rocked out with me on the dance floor and I hope that you enjoy this set. Here's to the beginning of a great new year of dancing.


Track Listing:
Nightriders - The Beginning
Latin Bash - Meu Piano (Born to Funk Remix)
SE:SA - All Together (Skye N Sugarstarr Afrodisia Remix)
DJ Chus - That Feeling (Tuccillo Mix)
Tom Jones with Mousse T. - Sexbomb (Sounds of Life Dub)
Armand Van Helden & A-Trak - Anyway (Club Mix)
Armand Van Helden - Funk Phenomena 2010 (Starkillers Remix)
Fun Kee Runners - The Real Tribute (Maurice Club Mix)
Disco Junkie - Another Phatt Track (Dub Mix)
Soul Vision - Don't Stop (King Unique Vocal)
DJ Delicious & Till West - NYPD (Original Mix)
Da Hool feat. Gary Buckheimer - In the Beginning (Mark Knight MTV Dirty Mix)

Live from Space Cowboys Ghostship Halloween Party
December 31, 2009 08:22 PM PST
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Sorry for the long delay in posting a new podcast. Fatherhood is a super rewarding and exhuasting adventure. Hope you enjoy this live set from the recent Space Cowboys Halloweeen party. It was a sold out event with a lot of good energy on the dance floor. Track listing is below:

Disco Junkie – Time to Move On
Hirshee – Upside Down (Club Mix)
Totally Random feat. Marcus Valentine – That Feeling (Mass Motion Remix)
Paul Gardner – You Can’t Hide From Yourself (Original Phat Club Mix)
Jesse Perez – Hoochie Mama
Wax Master/Benjamin Shook/PM Project – Ghetto Shout Out (Benjamin Shook 2009 Mix)
Hirshee – California
DJ Delicious & Till West – NYPD
Wolfgang Gartner – Push & Rise
Pre Modelo – The Rhythm, The Rhyme (Pre Modelo Original)
Wolfgang Gartner – Flashback
Fatnatikz – Bringin It Back (Gramatik Mix)

Breakfast of Champions 2009 - Live Set
January 08, 2009 10:21 PM PST
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It was another fantastic year at the annual Space Cowboy New Years Day Breakfast of Champions party. It was the largest attendance in the history of the event. Thanks to everyone who came to rock out with us. Hope you enjoy the set that was recorded.

Set List:
Biboulakis - Neighbors Love Me (Lamanex Remix)
Audio Jackers - D 4 Damager
K-Boy - Sexy
L Boogie - Disco Jackin' (Cortina's & Wade Remix)
Audio Jacker - Pull Ya G String Down South
King Unique - Love Is What You Need (Knee Deep Revdo Dub)
Romy Costa - Danca Conmigo (Jesse Garcia Tribal Spain Remix)
The Grower - Move Your Body (Jesse Garcia Remix)
Tyree Cooper feat The Cookie Monsters - Hip Housin' (Kid Massive Remix)
Ministry of Funk - Funky Nation (Castelli Ipanema Remix)
Weekend Players - Hype the Funk (Audio Jacker Mix)

Live from Space Cowboys Ghostship
December 03, 2008 07:23 PM PST
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Here is a live set from the recent Space Cowboy Ghostship Halloween party. The party was an amazing collaboration of DJ crews and Burning Man camps. There was a point in the evening that I felt like we were in the middle of the an indoor version of the Space Cowboy hoedown. Thanks for everyone that came out to support. Enjoy the set!

Set List:
K-Boy - Sexy
Ministry of Funk - Funky Nation (Castelli Ipanema Remix)
David Penn & Rober Gaez - What is Hous (KOT Anthem Clubstramental)
Mindprint - Hand of God (Love the Bassline Remix)
Fatnatikz - Bringin it Back (Gramatik Mix)
Josh the Funky 1 - It's the Music (Michael Parsberg Remix)
Andy Caldwell - Funk Nasty feat. Gramma Funk
Paul Johnson - Get Get Down (Laidback Luke Remix)
Silverius - Corazon

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